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Jogos Online Para Meninas
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Cartão & Board Games Jogos

Meus Bichinhos Fofos 2
Tente manter os seus bichinhos fofos - gatinho, cãozinho, hamster e coe...

Checkers Board
Checkers Board - Try to defeat your opponent.

Care Bears - Road Trip Match Game
Ready to hit the road with the Care Bears? Match up the tiles to win the...

Golden Spider Solitaire
Golden Spider Solitaire - Classic solitaire game with 3 difficulty setti...

The challenging classic card game is back and more stylish than before!

Crescent Solitaire
Crescent Solitaire - Another cool solitaire game.

Absolute Poker
Absolute Poker - Get the best hand you can and take the dealer to the cl...

Video Poker
Video Poker - Place your bets now!

Tripeaks - Your goal is to move all the cards from the playing field to ...

Joker Poker
Joker Poker - Try to build the best 5 card poker hand you can.

101 Dalmatians Card Battles
Try to press the dropping letters from the sky as quickly as possible.

Teddy Bear Match
Watch TEDDY in his different makeovers while playing this teddy bear mat...

Maganic Wars
Maganic Wars - This is a role cards turn based game where you have 5 car...

Crecent Solitaire
Crecent Solitaire - The object of the game is to move all of the cards f...

Flash Poker
Flash Poker - Place your bet, look at your cards then choose which to di...

Box10 Sudoku
Play a fun game of Sudoku, using either numbers or monsters!

Jurassic Poker
Jurassic Poker - Place a bet, look at your cards and decide which to dis...

Poker Machine
Poker Machine - Another cool poker game, can you win?

Maganic Wars 2
Maganic Wars 2 - Select a card by clicking on it and hit the center butt...

Monster Master
Monster Master - Defeat your opponent by using monsters and magic.

3 Card Poker
3 Card Poker - Try to take lots of money from your opponent.
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