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Jogos Online Para Meninas
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Cozinhar Jogos

Jogo Pizzaiolo
Alimentar o urso faminto, fazendo pizzas!

Yummy Banana Split
Ice cream, bananas and toppings are the main ingredients for the most de...

Perfect Pizza Game
Make the perfect pizza!

Fada jogo de cozinha
Fazer bolos e vendê-los neste jogo de cozinha!

Sim Chefe Jogo De Cozinha
Seu cozinheiro eo chef quer você para fazer comida.

Pancake maker cooking game
Pancake maker cooking game - Let the pancakes go brown then flip over an...

Cookie Maker
Cookie Maker - Bake your own cookies! If you are successful you will be ...

Ong's Kitchen
Ong's Kitchen - Make snacks by clicking on the machines in the correct o...

The Great Burger Builder
The Great Burger Builder - Copy the chef's recipe to create a burger

Cake Baker
Cake Baker - Follow the examples to make a cake

Bread Baker
Bread Baker - Bake as many buns as you can

Pappas Pizza
Pappas Pizza - Bake pizza's to order

Frosty Freakout
Make ice creams to keep the customers happy

Barbecue Grill
Barbecue Grill - Make sure the food is perfectly cooked

Fairy Cooking Game
Fairy Cooking Game - Prepare, bake and sell your cake

Top That
Top That - See how good you are in Mech Droids fast food simulator. Try ...

Burger Jam
Burger Jam - Serve the customers as quickly as you can!

Sue's Cooking Game
Sue's Cooking Game - In this game you have to place all ingredients in t...

Sue Delivery Meals
Sue Delivery Meals - Make the meals right to earn points.

Ice Cream Run
Ice Cream Run - The clock’s a-ticking—can you keep your customers a-...

Ice Cream Girls
Ice Cream Girls - Make Ice Creams for the kids in Luna Park! Be careful ...

Kelly's Summer Jobs
Kelly has her hands full working 4 part-time jobs and needs your help! H...

Java Kitchen
Learn about Indonesia while cooking some Indolicious food.

Cozinha Rápida
Domine as habilidades culinárias, como cortar, assar, grelhar e muito m...

Pizza Pile Up
You have a very modern pizza parlour in which a machine does almost all ...

Natasha's Fruitties
You have to manage your own candy shop. So give to kids what they want!

Big Burger Server
Use your cool food machine to dish up burger after yummy burger!

Sushi of Fun
The secret behind the bliss of working at a sushi place? The fun of seei...

Anna Glace
A funny serving game in which you have to help Anna Glace to run her own...

Burger Bonanza
You run an outstanding (hopefully!) food stall in your city called Burge...

Min Mie Hot Plate Noodle
If you can follow a recipe step by step, you'll be making the world's be...

Burger Restaurant 4
Travel all over the world...and the solar system...and keep those burger...

Server Bee
Bees are known to be hard workers and great at all they do. In the bugs ...

Cupcakes For Maya
Maya loves cupcakes and she is known in the neighborhood for her delicio...

Lanchonete Da Cidade Grande
Suzie e seu chef de servir-se bons momentos, sorrisos e refeições gran...

Yummy Burgers
Its time to make yummy burgers! Look at the ingredients and click to bui...
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